Expanding the meaning of ‘locavore’. . .

Locavore: Someone who exclusively (or at least primarily) eats foods from their local area

In a global marketplace, product diversity rules the day. But we believe that while having a huge selection is great, supporting your local economy is even better. So when we say that 3rd Street Flats prescribes to a locavore philosophy, we are using the term in the broadest sense to include not just food, but the use of locally produced products whenever possible.

When you arrive at 3rd Street Flats you’ll find a complimentary bottle of locally produced wine, and some hand made chocolates waiting for you in your flat. Both are produced by local companies, and you’ll taste the quality immediately.

A thriving art scene also allows us to support our local art community by showing their pieces in our flats. The guidebooks and the books for the ‘take a book, leave a book’ book exchange in each flat were donated by our local bookstore, Third Street Books. In fact, if it was possible to purchase a product locally, we did it.

3rd Street Flats isn’t the only local company to embrace the locavore philosophy though. While you’re here check out Harvest Fresh Grocery & Deli where they sell an array of locally produced foods, and Golden Valley Brewery, which raises their own organic beef (fed on Golden Valley Brewery grain) to serve in their restaurant.

So settle in, and live like a local!