Historic McMinnville Bank

The 1st Flat - Pied-a-Terre

The 1st Flat – Pied-à-Terre 


The 2nd Flat – Olio e Aceto 

The 3rd Flat - The Pearl

The 3rd Flat – The Pearl 

The 4th Flat - The Retreat

The 4th Flat – The Retreat 

Odd Fellows Lodge

The 5th Flat – Coco 

The 6th Flat – Rustique 

The 7th Flat - Mix

The 7th Flat – Mix 

The 8th Flat – Indigo 

The 9th Flat - Zest

The 9th Flat – Zest 

The 10th Flat - Aquarius

The 10th Flat – Aquarius 

The 11th Flat – Noir